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2014 Tibbie Leslie Travel Grant Applications Available Now

The Newark Kiwanis Club’s Strawberry Festival may be its most popular event, dating back an impressive 37 years, but Kiwanis support of children’s organizations started with the Club’s founding in 1918.

While meeting in person was limited, 2020 was nonetheless a year of coming together in many creative ways. The COVID-19 pandemic shone a flashlight on a wide range of challenges and inequities that are sometimes taken for granted, and our community stepped up to meet those challenges.

The saying that a rising tide lifts all boats is one way to think about unrestricted giving. Like drops of rain in the sea, every gift, no matter the size, amplifies the power of the whole.

Local organizations and programs serving Licking County residents have received more than $1.9 million in grants since January from the Licking County Foundation to help meet needs across the community.

Leeah Mahon joined the Licking County Foundation as Program Associate on July 20, 2021. She is responsible for building relationships with grant partners and other stakeholders, and assisting with coordination and implementation of the Foundation’s grant and scholarship programs, including the administration of strategic community investments and associated processes.

Late summer is a favorite season at the Licking County Foundation. Scholarships are heading to colleges and universities across the country where Licking County students will settle into their new home away from home.

What do the new mountain biking trails at Horns Hill Park, the renewal of Utica Miller Park, and the sculpture at The Works celebrating the first solo flight around the world by a woman all have in common?

In November of 2008, State Farm partnered with the Licking County Foundation (LCF) to support fire safety in Licking County. Thirteen years and nearly $85,000 in grants later, State Farm is still giving back locally through the State Farm Fire Safety Fund held at the LCF.

On November 21, 1956, five local civic leaders seized on an idea to create a way to “continually improve life in Licking County.”

“I am both humbled and grateful that someone I have never met would be willing to invest in my future.”
These words from a recipient of a Licking County Foundation scholarship are recent – but the sentiment is timeless.

The story of Licking County Foundation’s 65 years is not just about what goes on at 30 N Second St. It’s about the donors in the community whose generations of compassionate action have taken the form of philanthropy.

It has been nearly two years since Licking County and communities across America have had to change and adapt to a new everyday life.

After 65 years of striving to help its community, organizers at Licking County Foundation are asking how they can improve life in Licking County.

Like April flowers that push through late snow, volunteers persist to spread joy and aid in our community.

Brenda Kutan had always planned to give back to the community. Establishing a Community Charitable Fund at the Licking County Foundation helped her do just that.

Highlights of LCF's 2022 Leaders for Learning presentations.

Announcing the LCF's 2023 Scholarship Program and highlighting some of our new scholarship funds.

The Licking County Foundation raised $43,640 for the renovation project from a March 23 auction at Apple Tree Auction Center.