Our mission is simple: improve the quality of life for all citizens of Licking County.

The Foundation is a family of nearly 300 charitable funds established by caring donors with a common concern for the well-being of Licking County citizens.

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“I am both humbled and grateful that someone I have never met would be willing to invest in my future.”
These words from a recipient of a Licking County Foundation scholarship are recent – but the sentiment is timeless.

On November 21, 1956, five local civic leaders seized on an idea to create a way to “continually improve life in Licking County.”

In November of 2008, State Farm partnered with the Licking County Foundation (LCF) to support fire safety in Licking County. Thirteen years and nearly $85,000 in grants later, State Farm is still giving back locally through the State Farm Fire Safety Fund held at the LCF.

Compassion in action...helping people change lives 

Shelter when it was needed most. A moving performance at the theater. A beloved furry friend, an extraordinary teacher, or a helping hand with an aging loved one. Throughout life, we are touched by people, organizations and events that ignite our passion for causes greater than ourselves. 

The Licking County Foundation helps people turn that passion into action. We are a collection of donors and important causes with one common mission: to improve the quality of life for all citizens of Licking County.

They come from every walk of life...every generation...and their interests are as varied as the people they wish to serve. Yet each of our donors has something in common...an unmistakable desire to improve their community, and the fortitude to turn their compassion into action.