UNRESTRICTED FUNDS – Created by donors to allow the Foundation flexibility in addressing the community’s most urgent needs and emerging opportunities. 

H.E. (Roy) Alban and Jane Alban Fund

Thomas L. Brooke Fund

Katherine B. Camlin Memorial Fund

Robert and Nancy Dix Fund

Evans Memorial Fund

Feightner Family Fund

Ralph E. Fitch Memorial Fund

Robert H. Flory and Sylvia Sinsabaugh Fund

Willard E. and Alma B. Harold Fund

Shirley A. Johnson Fund

Licking County Foundation Unrestricted Fund

Bill E. Mitchell Memorial Fund

Louis A. Mitchell Family Fund

JoAnn Phillips Memorial Fund

Tittica Roberts Mitchell Fund

Wayne L. Roelof Memorial Fund

Roger Roth Memorial Fund

William Doubet Schaffner Fund

Cecil Sebold Memorial Fund

Howard H. Thompson, Jr. Fund

George M. Vaia Fund

Lula Vaia Memorial Fund

WCLT Community Fund