We’re celebrating 65 years of the generosity of Licking County donors putting their compassion into action!

On November 21, 1956, five local civic leaders seized on an idea to create a way to “continually improve life in Licking County.Everett D. Reese brought together Harold L. Ballinger, Robert H. Flory, Francis P. Kennedy, Howard E. LeFevre (Vice Chairman), Games Slayter (Chairman) and J. Gilbert Reese, who was elected Secretary-Treasurer. After discussion, Gilbert Reese drafted and filed a declaration of trust and was asked to create “…a brochure to be given to the public explaining the uses and purposes of the foundation.” That first meeting at Park National Bank set in motion decades of charitable support for changing lives.  

As we commemorate our community’s giving history, we’ll share turning points and successes through the years – but look to the future, too. And that’s where we’ll need your help – to create a ten-year vision for Licking County – 2032, and beyond!  

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As part of our celebration, enjoy our latest update – and join in on our special anniversary community survey