There’s one thing all of our scholarships have in common...

Our scholarships were established by caring people who wanted to advance educational opportunities for Licking County students and help create a positive future for our community. More than 100 different scholarship funds have been established by generous individuals, families, businesses or organizations to assist students in pursuing post-secondary education.

Online Scholarship Opportunities

The Licking County Foundation offers a wide variety of competitive scholarship opportunities to help area students achieve their academic goals. There are scholarship opportunities for students seeking to continue their education through two- or four-year college degree programs, graduate degree programs, or occupational, technical, or general education certificate programs. LCF scholarships may be used at any accredited institution in the United States.


Below are some definitions of terms from our Scholarship Application. If you have questions about any part of the application, please contact the office at

Post-secondary: education beyond high school (i.e.: college, trade or technical school, certificate program, etc.)

Certificate Program: a credit-bearing occupational, technical or educational program that, when satisfactorily completed, entitles a student to a certificate in the area of study they are specializing in.

Accredited: officially recognized as meeting the essential requirements of academic excellence. (Most institutions have their accreditation status listed on their website.)

HiSET: the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) is an alternative to the General Educational Development (GED) test and helps those who did not obtain a traditional high school diploma achieve the state-issued high school equivalency credential.

Part-time Student: may be classified as:

  • an undergraduate student taking less than 12 credit hours per semester
  • a graduate student taking less than 9 credit hours per semester

Because this can vary depending on institution, degree and/or program type, contact your institution to determine your enrollment status.

Status Category: these categories represent your academic status at the time you apply for scholarship consideration. You will indicate one of these status categories on the Scholarship Application. 

  • Graduating High School Senior: applicants who are graduating from high school in the year they are applying for scholarship consideration.
  • High School Graduate within Last Two Years: applicants who have graduated from high school in the past two school years and have not yet started any post-secondary education due to a gap year, deferment, AmeriCorps, work or other reasons.
  • Current Undergraduate College Student (Less than 24 years old): applicants who are less than 24 years old and who are actively enrolled in an undergraduate program at the time of application.
  • Graduate/Professional Degree Student: applicants who have successfully completed an undergraduate program and are actively enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program at the time of application.
  • Non-traditional Adult Student (24+ years old): applicants who are 24+ years old and are currently/were previously enrolled in a post-secondary program (college, trade or technical school, certificate program, etc.) or who have never been enrolled in a post-secondary program.

Frequently asked questions about LCF scholarships 

Do all scholarships have the same eligibility requirements? 
No. Each scholarship fund has specific eligibility requirements that were defined by the donor(s) when the fund was established. These requirements are considered when someone applies, based on the answers provided.

Do I have to attend an Ohio college? 
Not necessarily. Licking County Foundation scholarship recipients attend accredited colleges, universities and technical or trade schools across the United States. However, some funds require that recipients do attend institutions in a specific geographic area (e.g., Ohio or Licking County), or a specific institution.   

Do I have to live in Licking County, and also be a graduate of a Licking County high school to be eligible for Licking County Foundation scholarships? 
No, some scholarships require you to be a Licking County resident, some require graduation from a Licking County high school, and some require graduation from a specific high school. You would be considered for any scholarships for which you qualify based on your responses to the application questions.   

Will I receive a check for my scholarship? 
No. Scholarship payments are mailed directly to the institution on behalf of the recipient.   

For a complete list of our guidelines, click on the document below.

Our Program Team is here to help!

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