FIELD OF INTEREST FUNDS – Created by donors to provide ongoing support to a particular field, broad purpose, geographic area, specific cause or issue.

Constance C. Baldwin Fund – Physical, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities and assistance to benefit and support children

Flory Park Fund – Unrestricted support for the improvement of Flory Park (Newark)

Dennis Frey and Melody Bascom Frey Student Travel Grant Fund – International travel grants for individual students or a student group from Newark High School or Watkins Memorial High School

K-9 Bernie Frey and Sergeant Dennis Frey Police Equipment Grant Fund – Dogs for K-9 units, specialized training or equipment for any Licking County Law Enforcement Agency

Marguerite Halpine Heppenstall Fund – Medical care of indigent children, scholarships for worthy students, medical research, and the establishment and maintenance of community recreational facilities

Thomas M. Kier Memorial Fund – Needs of the visually and hearing impaired, diabetes research, mental and physical health of children with disabilities

Mary S. LeFevre Fund – Education and/or educational resources for the children of Buckeye Lake

Tibbie Leslie Fund – Foreign travel grants for teachers in Licking County

Licking County Trails Fund – Preservation, promotion and maintenance of the recreational trails in Licking County

Alice McFadden and Jack Barnett Fund – Care and comfort of children with special medical needs

William E. and Annie S. Miller Memorial Fund – Medical, dental, mental and behavioral health needs of needy children in Licking County

William S. and Sue O. Moore Fund – Non-operating and non-recurring beautification projects in parks and public land within the City of Newark

J.P. Shai, II Fund – Promotion of the arts

Katharyn Wickham Shannon and Ora C. Shannon Memorial Fund – Horticultural projects to beautify Licking County

Ernestine and John David Spencer Memorial Fund – Education and care of low-income children

Daniel and Sharon Stricker Fund - Recreational and educational activities for youth with preference given to economically disadvantaged children

John Tegtmeyer Memorial Fund – Health and wellness, outdoor leadership and education, and music performance and education

Fred B. Wollins Memorial Fund – Improvement, promotion or beautification of downtown Newark