Gifts plant seeds of compassion 

We encourage you to work with your estate planning professional or tax advisor to determine the type of gift that is right for you and your family. Tax deductions are earned when your gift is made, while grants awarded from your fund will continue into the future.

Read more about establishing a fund and our investment program here.

If you’re a professional advisor or want to refer your financial or estate planning partner to us, click here.

Anyone can support a local cause through gifts to the Foundation by:

  • Establishing a fund as an expression of your passion for something that matters to you
  • Making a gift of any amount to one of our existing funds that reflect your charitable interests
  • Making a gift to the Unrestricted Fund – our endowment for the community that allows us to be as strategic as possible in supporting our grant partners, directing your dollars where they are needed most
  •  Leaving a legacy through a planned gift

We can administer the broadest possible range of gifts, from cash to charitable investments. Donors can use a wide variety of assets and tools to make a gift or to start a fund, such as:

  • Gifts of cash or publicly traded securities
  • Assignment of a life insurance policy
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Bequests
  • Transfer of Private Foundation assets
  • Real estate
  • Gifts of tangible personal property

Gifts Can Celebrate, Honor, and Remember

Donors can honor someone special, celebrate milestones, or create a lasting legacy with any gift or by establishing a fund. Donors may specify the use of the gift or allow the Foundation to use it where it is needed most. Simply specify the purpose on your check, or indicate your tribute when you make your online gift. 

Support the Community’s Endowment: Give to the LCF UNRESTRICTED FUND

Gifts made to the LCF Unrestricted Fund serve the collective needs of our community by supporting strategic grant programs throughout the year. The Unrestricted Fund gives us the greatest flexibility to meet Licking County’s most immediate needs year after year—making the biggest impact where, and when, it’s needed most. The Unrestricted Fund represents generations of giving by thousands of people who together are making an incredible difference in the lives of their neighbors.

PLANNED GIVING … Your legacy

Planned gifts allow individuals to continue making an impact on their community after they are gone. With a planned gift, many people find that they are able to contribute more than they thought possible, while still providing for their family.

The Licking County Foundation provides stewardship of your legacy, ensuring that your gift supports the causes you care about most long into the future.

Planned gifts include gifts through wills and bequests, gifts of life insurance or annuities, pension plan distributions, charitable remainder or lead trusts and charitable gift annuities, and gifts of real property.

Speak with your estate planning professional to learn how you can leave a legacy with a gift of any size to support the things that matter most to you and your family.

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