FAFSA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Check out this information (July 2022) on why, how, and when to apply for federal student aid, the different types of federal student aid, and FAQs. You can also check out this video, which gives a brief overview of federal student aid. 

Please note: FAFSA has undergone some changes in the past year. Learn more about these changes and what to expect here.

College Financial Aid Office Websites
  • College and university financial aid offices can provide information on scholarships offered through the school.
Foundation Center Directory
  • Main Branch - Licking County Public Library
  • Second Floor
  • Library staff is trained to help you with this directory
  • It is free for you to search this database at the library; you can narrow your search for scholarships based on the information you enter.
  • You can also purchase a monthly subscription for your home computer
  • Scholarship search website
  •  www.fastweb.com 
  • After providing a little information, they will select scholarships that might match; you can choose if you want to apply or not * When you are on this website, it will ask if you want to purchase items from their advertisers; you don’t have to purchase anything to receive a scholarship