Celebrating Philanthropic Leadership

In 1956, farsighted civic leader Everett D. Reese had a vision of ensuring that the quality of life in Licking County would continually improve. To do this, he spearheaded the effort to establish a public community foundation in Licking County. Mr. Reese was a rare individual whose life and achievements were based on his belief in helping others.

Modeled after the Cleveland and Columbus Foundations, established in 1914 and 1943 respectively, the Licking County Foundation’s declaration of trust was drafted and filed by J. Gilbert Reese on November 21, 1956. The original Governing Committee members included Everett D. Reese, Harold L. Ballinger, Francis P. Kennedy, Robert H. Flory, Games Slayter, and Howard LeFevre.

Everett D. Reese Award In the spirit and memory of Licking County Foundation’s founder, the Governing Committee created the Everett D. Reese Award to recognize and encourage individuals who continually give of themselves to benefit their community. Since 1996, this award has honored individuals whose integrity and compassion sometimes go unnoticed—those who might be called the “unsung heroes” of their communities.

The Everett D. Reese Award honorees to date are:

  • Elizabeth White
  • Grace Holmes
  • Jackie and Glen Myers
  • Howard LeFevre
  • Thomas Ash
  • Jane Holloway
  • Jane McConnell
  • Robert Pricer
  • Kenneth Johnston
  • Don Gunnerson
  • Joyce Roberts
  • Mary S. Roberts
  • Jill Griesse
  • Skip Salome
  • Louis A. Mitchell
  • Constance C. Baldwin
  • Richard Oberfield
  • Mary Jane McDonald
  • Eddie Mae Scott
  • Stu Parsons
  • William Weidaw
  • Cynthia Menzer
  • James R. Cooper
  • Christopher Meyer
  • Gary Walters