Interim & Final Grant Reports

Overview: We’d like to learn about the impact of your work! Competitive Community Grant recipients are required to participate in an interim Community Conversation session and complete a Final Grant Report. The purpose of these reports is to give the Foundation a better understanding of your organization and the program or project that was funded. These reports will also provide grant recipients with opportunities to reflect upon the impact of their programs and share information about community impact. Participating in the Community Conversation and completing the Final Report is required. We rely on your candid and thoughtful review of your project experience to assist us. We are just as interested in what did not work as what did. Your grant report should be based on the description and anticipated outcomes in your original proposal. Please be assured that we do not share these documents with any other organization or funder.

Unexpended Funds: Funds that are not expended or encumbered during the grant period should be returned to Licking County Foundation unless the Foundation makes written authorization to extend the award beyond the original end date of the grant.

Final Grant Report Forms: 

Organizations receiving community grants during 2018 can complete the online Final Grant Report here: 2018 Community Grant Final Report

Organizations receiving community grants during 2019 can complete the online Final Grant Report here: 2019 Community Grant Final Report

Questions? Contact Amy Dell, Program Officer, at or 740.349.3863 x108.