The grant period is one year from the date of funding.  Capital projects or equipment acquisition (including vehicles) must occur within one year from the time of funding.  If the full scope of the project extends outside the grant period, the proposed budget summary and narrative should be limited to the specific activities which will occur within the grant period.

Please note the following periods when applications will be accepted for the Foundation’s Capital Grant Program:

  • First Quarter: October 1-31 of prior year (for funding beginning Jan. of following year)
  • Second Quarter: January 2-31 (for funding in April)
  • Third Quarter: April 1-30 (for funding in July)
  • Fourth Quarter: July 1-31 (for funding in October)

Applications are accepted within the first month of each quarter, for funding beginning in the subsequent quarter, and reviewed on a quarterly basis. Applications are accepted and considered until funds for the year are exhausted.  

Organizations should allow up to three months from time of submission for application review. Applicants will be notified of funding decisions after the quarterly review dates in March, June, September, and December and subsequent approval by Foundation's Governing Committee.  Notifications for first quarter funding in any calendar year will occur in the first two weeks of January.  Notifications for subsequent quarters will occur within one week of consideration by the Foundation's Governing Committee.