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Licking County COVID-19 Relief Fund

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How Can Licking County Organizations Access Relief Funds?

The current priority of the Licking County COVID-19 Relief Fund is to provide resources to local organizations that are directly supporting Licking County residents whose basic needs are going unmet due to COVID-19. In order to respond to immediate needs and move resources as efficiently as possible, there is no formal application process for this stage of Relief Fund support. Because efforts are so widespread and the situation is rapidly evolving, please help make us aware of your organization’s needs by sharing them here. We will keep these needs in mind as the funding process progresses and contact you for more information if necessary.

An organization is eligible to receive support from the Licking County COVID-19 Relief Fund even if it has a current grant with Licking County Foundation or United Way of Licking County.    

We understand the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting nonprofits in many ways, including increased demand for services and lost revenue due to closures and cancellations. At this time, we are not able to prioritize organizations that have lost or are likely to lose revenue due to canceled events or programs.

The Licking County Foundation will administer the Relief Fund in partnership with United Way of Licking County and in close collaboration with our partners. Together we will proactively identify potential recipients, solicit guidance on potential recipients from community advisors, and recommend final awards. The size and number of distributions will depend on the funds available. Funds will be released on a rolling basis as fundraising continues throughout the outbreak and recovery phases of the crisis, making it possible to move resources quickly and adapt to evolving needs in subsequent funding phases.

We urge the generous citizens of Licking County to continue to support organizations in need as well as contributing to the Licking County COVID-19 Relief Fund so that we are able to meet as many urgent and unforeseen needs in our community as possible.

Grant Distributions as of August 15, 2020

A total of twenty-three local organizations have received funds from the Licking County COVID-19 Relief Fund, a joint effort of the Licking County Foundation, United Way of Licking County, and several community partners. To date, contributions to the Licking County COVID-19 Relief Fund exceed $280,000 from corporations, civic and philanthropic partners including donations from individuals and families across the county. These grants totaling more than $215,000 were awarded to help cover costs of providing immediate, basic human needs to Licking County residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic:

Licking Memorial Hospital: $25,000 to support expenses and services related to COVID-19 preparations and resources needed to care for the community during the pandemic

July 14, 2020 Distributions 

The Turban Project: $5,000 to an-all volunteer program that makes and distributes free headwear and other items for people who have lost their hair for medical reasons, for supplies needed to continue making face masks and face mask kits they are providing free-of-charge to Licking County residents and organizations.

Behavioral Healthcare Partners will receive $10,000 to provide personal hygiene supplies, personal protective items, and cleaning supplies for Licking County citizens served through all of BHP's programs.

Licking County Job and Family Services: $60,000 to continue to lessen economic impact of COVID-19 on Licking County residents experiencing employment changes, and to respond to a high volume of need among senior citizens on fixed incomes who are incurring costs associated with self-quarantine and other protective measures during the pandemic.  

June 09, 2020  Distributions​​​​​​​

Licking Valley High School: $2,000 to provide essential food and personal hygiene items to Licking Valley High School and middle school students in need through the Panther Pantry.

Licking County Alcoholism Prevention Program: $5,500 to support needs related to providing integrated mental health and addiction treatment and recovery services to Licking County residents through telehealth and online group formats.

Pathways of Central Ohio: $10,000 to support the continuation of the 2-1-1 Crisis Hotline and Information Center as an essential resource for Licking County during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Look Up Center: $10,000 to support re-opening the free, adult dental and vision clinics to provide these essential health services.

May 27, 2020  Distributions

Licking County Aging Program (LCAP): $4,500 to secure and distribute hand sanitizer and masks necessary to support the mask wearing recommendations for seniors who need to leave their homes for medical appointments or other reasons. The supplies will be distributed to all of the seniors in LCAP programs as many have not been able to acquire the items on their own. 

May 05, 2020 Distributions

Licking County Aging Program (LCAP): $3,000 to assist the organization to provide personal hygiene items to Licking County senior citizens who are homebound during the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 27, 2020 Distributions

Buckeye Valley Family YMCA:  $10,000 to support a temporary pandemic child care center which serves frontline families providing essential health, safety and other services. 

Pataskala Community Outreach:  $3,000 to support families and seniors in the Pataskala area with lunches and family bags which include basic necessities for the week. 

Newton Township Fire Department:  $550 to support the purchase of safety glasses and secure storage for the Department’s PPE for first responders.

April 22, 2020 Distributions 

Catholic Social Services: $3,000 to provide emergency food/water, personal hygiene supplies, cleaning supplies, or other supportive services to Licking County residents who are 60 years and older, particularly those who are homebound and/or without family support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food Pantry Network of Licking County: $30,000 to help feed the increasing number of Licking County residents seeking food assistance now and in the coming months. 

Licking County Health Department: $2,000 to support improvements for sharing information virtually with constituents about current public health guidance and countywide emergency response; and to improve safety of interactions with the public for the limited services that must conducted in-person during the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 14, 2020 Distributions

Crossroads Crusaders: $3,000 to provide emergency food/water, personal hygiene supplies or other supplies for sheltering-in-place to individuals who are unsheltered or homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic.

John's Helping Hands 1973: $3,000 to provide emergency food or shelter for families during the COVID-19 pandemic, or shelter to allow distancing of individuals as a result of COVID-19 symptoms.

Licking County Champions Network: $3,000 to provide emergency food/water, personal hygiene supplies or clothing to individuals who are unsheltered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Licking County Job & Family Services: $10,000 from the Licking County COVID-19 Relief Fund and $10,000 in partnership with the Lindorf-Warner Memorial Fund of the Licking County Foundation to respond to the economic impact on Licking County residents (including individuals, couples without minor children, or families with adult children who had to return home) as a result of employment changes due to COVID-19.  Priority will be given to expenses related to preparing for or involvement in self-quarantine and social distancing.  Other services include assistance with rent, housing, deposits, utilities, mortgage, car payments, and car insurance.  Those who meet household composition and income standards (currently at or below 200% of the federal poverty guideline) may be eligible for support. Licking County Job and Family Services has other programs and services that may be available for eligible families with minor children and senior citizens who have needs related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Those needing assistance should call 740.670.8706 to apply. This program will continue until funds are exhausted.

Look-Up Center: $3,000 to provide emergency food/water, personal hygiene supplies or cleaning supplies to residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly to those without transportation.

Newark Homeless Outreach: $3,000 to provide emergency food/water and personal hygiene supplies to individuals who are unsheltered, homeless or in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

St. Vincent de Paul Center, Inc.: $3,000 to support the increased need for supplies necessary to safely shelter-in-place the residents of St. Vincent Haven.

The Salvation Army: $25,000 to feed families and adults in need as a result of the pandemic, and for general operating support due to dramatically increased demand for the Army’s services during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A committee representing Licking County Foundation, United Way of Licking County and community members oversee the distribution process, which will continue on a rolling basis while funds are available.




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