Welcome to Foundation Park … Our Celebration of the community’s Seeds of Compassion!

In 2002, a visionary group of civic-minded funders and partners recognized the need for a community park that offered citizens a beautiful refuge in the heart of Newark. Built on the former grounds of the Auditorium Theatre and situated toward Courthouse Square, the original Foundation Park offered a splash fountain and other features that provided a perfect pause in one’s day.

2012 saw improvements such as bike racks, more seating, flowering borders and the conversion of the splash fountain area into a cascading water sculpture of basalt columns. Funded by an anonymous friend and the William S. and Sue O. Moore Fund of Licking County Foundation, the updates reflect the Moore’s love of supporting beautification projects in our community.

Today, we invite you to enjoy your renewed Foundation Park, a community place where you can find peace, enjoy our beautiful garden, spend time with treasured friends and family, or just take a moment in your day to rest and recharge.

This park and plaza dedicated to Bill and Sue Moore is made possible by their generosity and that of many others listed below. Please enjoy this video tribute and virtual tour of Foundation Park – and visit soon!

Newark’s newest green space is made possible through

the generosity of the following donors and partners:



Martha Griffin, Mary Gentry and Miriam Dexter

in honor of their beloved parents


Constance C. Baldwin Fund, Thomas M. Kier Memorial Fund,

Edgar W. and Phyllis L. McCauley Fund, McConnell Fund,

William S. and Sue O. Moore Fund,

Unrestricted Fund, John Tegtmeyer Memorial Fund,

Fred B. Wollins Memorial Fund




for designing the Gratitude Garden to

honor our donors, volunteers and nonprofits

Having grown up with Bill, I know how proud he would be to see the new and improved Foundation Park. Having spent 12 years as Newark Service Director and Mayor, his heart has always been with downtown Newark and its beautification. I’m sure he and Sue are smiling down on us right now, and saying, "Job well done. Thanks!” - Herb Murphey