What's the Old Home Stretch Challenge?

The Licking County Foundation was honored to announce in August 2021 that the project to restore and repurpose the Louis Sullivan Building of Newark received a $1.1 million matching challenge grant from The Jeffris Family Foundation to support the final stage of restoration—or what we’re calling the On The Old Home Stretch Challenge.  In order to meet the challenge and receive the funds, the Foundation is launching a campaign to raise an additional $2.2 million. This generous gift is restricted to the interior renovation and the community match must be raised by June 30, 2024.

In announcing the grant, Thomas M. Jeffris, President of the Jeffris Family Foundation said, “The Jeffris Family Foundation has enjoyed working with the Licking County Foundation team and is pleased to continue working on this extraordinary historic project.”


Your investment can help set the pace and win the race to Save the Sullivan!

For over a century, the Louis Sullivan Building of Newark has been more familiarly (and affectionately) known among local residents as "The Old Home". In fact, the mosaic at the entrance displays this nickname twice. It’s within a pyramid— the company’s logo—and behind it in gold lettering.

At the starting gate in 2013, Licking County Foundation was prepared for an endurance race. To get this project to
the finish line, the remaining fundraising goal is $3.3 million. The good news is that we’re on "The Old Home”
There’s a dedicated and enthusiastic team of board members, staff, volunteers, and funders leading this