LGBTQIA+: Demystifying Concepts and Terms

Thursday, October 20, 2022
9:00 am10:30 am
Licking County Library - 101 W Main St, Newark

This session is reserved exclusively for current LCF grant partners.

Our professional and personal communications increasingly bring the added dimension of gender identity to the conversation, whether about how to create an inclusive registration form, respectfully addressing someone you meet at a conference, or adding pronouns to an email signature. Led by Lane Shirrell of the Kaleidoscope Youth Center team, we'll learn about the complexity of gender, including gender identity, gender expression, and sex assigned at birth; along with distinctions between gender and sexuality, and the LGBTQIA+ acronym. The session will include information about use of personal gender pronouns, and alternatives to using gendered language. Join us for a learning session and conversation on this aspect of creating an inclusive environment.