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You may make a donation to Licking County Foundation directly with your credit card or through a bank account using the PayPal link below. (You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service; but if you do, you will be prompted to log into your account.)

During the process,you will be able to direct your gift to the Licking County Foundation Unrestricted Fund to help us meet the community’s most pressing needs or to a particular fund or purpose as you wish by typing in the fund name of your choice in the "Add special instructions for the recipient" prompt. (Please see a complete alphabetical fund listing below.) If there is additional information you’d like to convey, or special instructions, please contact Dean Busack at or 740-349-3863, x 104

Please note that in accordance with IRS regulations, contributions charged on your credit card are deductible in the year in which the charge clears your credit card. For each donation, a fee will be charged by Pay Pal for processing credit card transactions and varies depending on the type of credit card used (3% of contribution size is fairly typical).

The full amount of your gift is deductible as a charitable income tax deduction to a public charity, and your deduction is not reduced by the amount of the fee charged. The actual funds available for making charitable grants, however, will be reduced by the fee.

All gifts represent an irrevocable contribution to the Licking County Foundation and are not refundable. (Please note that gifts may be redirected to a different fund at the Foundation if they have been allocated incorrectly.) Upon completion of the transaction, you will receive email notification from PayPal, followed by formal acknowledgement of your gift (including the PayPal service fee amount) by the Foundation.

You may make a gift to any fund listed below and in any amount. Your support is important to continuing the mission of Licking County Foundation.

* H.E. (Roy) Alban and Jane Alban Fund
* Alford Family Fund
* Alford Family Ice Sports Fund
* John W. Alford Scholarship Fund
* Mary E. Alford PEO Chapter DL Scholarship Fund
* Allen-Good-Willey Scholarship Fund
* Bill “Army” Armstrong Scholarship Fund
* Patricia O'Brien Armstrong Scholarship Fund
* Mary E. Babcock Foundation Fund
* Baker, Chilcote and Jones Scholarship Fund
* John and Mary Jane Bakos Fund
* Constance C. Baldwin Fund
* Paul R. Barnes Fund
* David and Susan Bowers Fund
* John and Christine Warner Fund for the Boys and Girls Club of Newark
* Larry, Jean, Mike, Tim and Darren Brandt Family Scholarship Fund
* Brinkerhoff Award Fund
* Thomas L. Brooke Fund
* Gina A. Buckey Fund
* Robert Ernest Buckey, Virginia Woltjen Buckey and Scott Buckey Richards Memorial Scholarship Fund
* Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation Fund
* Busack Family Fund
* Katherine B. Camlin Memorial Fund
* Camp O’Bannon Improvement Endowment Fund
* Camp O’Bannon Scholarship Fund
* Canal Market District Fund
* Michael and Barbara Cantlin Fund
* Matthew David Card Scholarship Fund
* CARE Fund (Licking County Coalition of Care)
* Austin Careins Memorial Scholarship Fund
* Centenary United Methodist Church at Granville Legacy Endowment Fund
* Chamberlain - Powers Memorial Mathematics Scholarship Fund
* Lucy E. Cotterman Memorial Fund
* Jeff and Jane Cox Family Fund
* Tony B. Crisp Memorial Scholarship for The Performing Arts Fund
* Davis Family Scholarship Fund
* Davis-Shai House Fund
* Dawes Arboretum Fund
* Pam DeVaul Giving Back Fund
* Grace Dils Memorial Scholarship Fund
* Robert and Nancy Dix Fund
* Gracie D. Dudgeon Memorial Scholarship Fund
* Dupler Brothers Law Enforcement Scholarship Fund

* Don Edwards Park Improvement Fund
* Elias and Bertha Edwards Fund
* Emergency Warming Center Fund 
* Evans Memorial Fund
* Evans Recreational Trail Fund
* Explore Licking County Tourism Scholarship Fund
* Feightner Family Fund
* Clarence W. and Grace Marie Feil Fund
* Clarence and Grace Marie Feil Scholarship Fund
* Ralph E. Fitch Memorial Fund
* Charles Flory Fund
* Flory Park Fund
* Robert H. Flory and Sylvia Sinsabaugh Fund
* Food Pantry Network of Licking County Fund
* Food Pantry Network of Licking County Endowment Fund
* Dick and Clara Francis Scholarship Fund
* Dennis Frey and Melody Bascom Frey Student Travel Grant Fund
* K-9 Bernie Frey and Sergeant Dennis Frey Police Equipment Grant Fund
* Friends of Sullivan Community Projects Fund
* Nathaniel James Gard Memorial Scholarship Fund
* Gazebo Restoration Fund * Goodwill Industries Fund
* Granville Business Alliance Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship Fund
* Granville Garden Club Scholarship Fund
* Granville Public Library Association Endowment Fund
* Granville Public Library Association Gifts Fund
* George and Catherine Greider Scholarship Fund
* Grow Licking County Workforce Development Fund
* Patti Guanciale Fund * Rick and Kathleen Gummer Fund
* Guthrie-Hoover Scholarship Fund
* Hanover-Toboso / Licking Valley Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
* Willliam E. and Alma B. Harold Fund * Connie and Steve Hawk Scholarship Fund
* John Garlinger Hazlett Fund
* Letha P. Headlee Licking County Retired Teachers Association Scholarship Fund
* Heath Education Foundation Fund
* Heath Education Foundation Scholarship Fund
* Bill and Sue Henry Family Scholarship Fund
* Scott Henry Memorial Scholarship Fund
* Marguerite Halpine Heppenstall Fund
* Richard K. and Ione D. Hill Scholarship Fund
* Maxine and Diane Hite Scholarship Fund
* A Home for Central Ohio Youth Ballet Fund
* Dr. Henry Lynn Hook Fund
* John A. Hoover, Betty J. Hoover and Linda Ann Hoover Memorial Scholarship Fund
* David W. and Joan M. Houser Fund
* Kayla N. Hurst Memorial Scholarship Fund

* "I Need" Principal's Fund
* Molly C. Ingold Fund
* Mary A. Irvine Fund
* Wilbur and June Staggers Jenkins Scholarship Fund
* Shirley A. Johnson Fund
* Mike Johnston McDonald's Scholarship Fund
* Kenneth Johnston Scholarship Fund
* Johnstown Area Community Foundation Fund
* Doris Orr Kaspar Scholarship Fund
* Thomas M. Kier Memorial Fund
* Florence M. King and Elizabeth King Theater Award Fund
* George and Louise Kinsey Scholarship Fund
* Dorothy and Kay Klineman Scholarship Fund
* John Kozak Memorial Camp O'Bannon Future Projects Fund
* Paddy K. Kutz Community Mental Health Fund
* LEADS Fund
* Lechner-Holsinger Scholarship Fund
* Mary S. LeFevre Fund
* Julius F. and Beula C. Lenz Scholarship Fund
* Tibbie Leslie Fund
* Licking County Aging Program Foundation Fund
* Licking County Animal Shelter Spay/Neuter Fund
* Licking County Bar Association Scholarship Fund
* Licking County Board of Developmental Disabilities Endowment Fund
* Licking County Center for the Visually Impaired Fund
* Licking County Coalition of Care Reserve Fund
* Licking County Coalition of Care Endowment Fund in Recognition of Carol Bradley
* Licking County Coalition for Housing Fund
* Licking County Courthouse Lighting Fund
* Licking County COVID-19 Relief Fund
* Licking County Foundation Alumni Scholarship Fund
* Licking County Foundation Horizon Scholarship Fund
* Licking County Foundation Unrestricted Fund
* Licking County Historical Society Fund
* Licking County Independent Insurance Agents Fund
* Licking County Library Fund
* Licking County Library Frances M. Banton Fund
* Licking County Library Jessie C. Thomas Fund
* Licking County Pharmaceutical Society Scholarship Fund
* Licking County Trails Fund
* Licking County Veterans Memorial and Education Center Fund
* Licking Heights Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
* Licking Park District Fund
* Licking Park District Boyd Wilkins Reserve Fund
* Licking Park District Palmer Road Swamp Preserve Fund
* Charlene Litterini Memorial Scholarship Fund
* Lindorf-Warner Memorial Fund
* Jared Dean Lowery Scholarship Fund
* Robert and Grace Luikart Fund

* Floyd A. Mahard and Alberta W. Mahard Scholarship Fund
* Jerry and Selma Markowitz Fund
* Selma Markowitz Fund
* Larry G. and Geraldine D. Marston Scholarship Fund
* Mauger Charitable Trust Fund
* Mauger Charitable Trust Strategic Projects Fund
* Mazzone Family Scholarship Fund
* Edgar W. and Phyllis L. McCauley Fund
* Edgar W. and Phyllis L. McCauley Scholarship Fund
* Gerald K. McClain Fund
* McConnell Donor Advised Fund
* McConnell Designated Agency Fund
* McCray Family Scholarship Fund
* Alice McFadden and Jack Barnett Fund
* Carl and Maybelle McKee Math Award Fund
* Carl and Maybelle McKee Nursing Scholarship Fund
* Phoebe C. and Joseph P. McMahon Scholarship Fund
* Mental Health America of Licking County Foundation Fund
* Midland Theatre Endowment Fund
* Miller Elementary School PTO and Thelma Bounds Scholarships Fund
* William E. and Annie S. Miller Memorial Fund
* Bill E. Mitchell Memorial Fund
* Louis A. Mitchell Fund
* Tittica Roberts Mitchell Fund
* William S. and Sue O. Moore Fund
* Moore-Redmond Scholarship Fund
* Irma H. Morrow Memorial Scholarship Fund
* Irma H. and E. Clark Morrow Memorial Scholarship Fund
* Mound City Little League Fund
* Frank B. and Kay M. Murphy Fund
* My Brother's Garden Keeper Scholarship Fund
* Jerry and June Nethers Fund
* Newark Campus Endowment Fund
* Newark Campus Property Fund
* Newark-Granville Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund
* Newark High School Class of 1951 Scholarship Fund
* Newark High School Class of 1953 Scholarship Fund
* Newark High School Sinfonia Fund
* Newark Kiwanis Club / J.L. Phillips Endowment Fund
* Newark Kiwanis - John Kozak Memorial Camp O'Bannon Future Projects Fund
* Newark Kiwanis Community Fund
* B. David Whiteman Newark Kiwanis Scholarship Fund
* John and Ann Oberfield Fund
* John L. Olinger Fund
* O'Neill Foster Youth Fund
* Steven T. O'Neill Scholarship Fund Partnering Education and Employment
* Oyler Agrarian Scholarship Fund
* Par Excellence Learning Center Fund
* Pastorius Battat Scholarship Fund
* Raymond H. and Beryl Dean Penick Memorial Scholarship Fund
* JoAnn Phillips Memorial Fund
* Betty and Tom Powell Fund
* Robert "Bob" Pricer Award Fund
* James W. Pyle Memorial Scholarship Fund

* Thelma E. and Francis J. Rauch Scholarship Fund
* Kathleen Reed Memorial Fund
* Reese Adult Day Care Center Fund
* David E. Reese Endowment Fund
* Reese Evans Midland Theatre Endowment Fund
* Reese Evans The Works Endowment Fund
* J. Gilbert Reese Fund
* Reese, Pyle, Drake & Meyer Community Fund
* Susan and Jerry Reid Fund
* Naomi June and Earl Riggleman Memorial Scholarship Fund
* Hubert and Oese Robinson Culinary Arts Scholarship Fund
* Hubert and Oese Robinson History Scholarship Fund
* Hubert and Oese Robinson Horticultural Scholarship Fund
* Wayne L. Roelof Memorial Fund
* Marian S. Rogers Endowment Fund
* Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio Fund
* Ross Moran Family Nursing Scholarship Fund
* Rotary Club of Newark-Heath Fund
* Dale E. and Virginia D. Roth Medical & Nursing Scholarship Fund
* Roger Roth Memorial Fund
* John A. and Dorothy E. Ruff Fund
* William Doubet Schaffner Fund
* Nancy Schaller Scholarship Fund
* Cecil Sebold Memorial Fund
* J.P. Shai, II Fund
* Katharyn Wickham Shannon and Ora C. Shannon Memorial Fund
* Philip Z. Shannon / Wilson, Shannon & Snow, Inc. Scholarship Fund
* Alethea E. and Norman R. Sleight Scholarship Fund
* Alethea E. Sleight PEO Chapter DL Scholarship Fund
* Southwest Licking Schools Educational Foundation Fund
* Ernestine and John David Spencer Memorial Fund
* State Farm Fire Safety Fund
* Daniel and Sharon Stricker Fund
* Sullivan Building Preservation Fund
* John Tegtmeyer Memorial Fund
* Anna E. McCullough Tharp Award Fund
* Howard H. Thompson, Jr. Fund
* David F. Thomson Memorial Fund for the Newark Kiwanis Club
* Treble Clef Fund
* Trek Together Community Fund
* Gregory and Dixie Trial Family Fund
* TrueCore Federal Credit Union Scholarship Fund
* Lois Ferne Tucker Fund
* Mary E. and Robert E. Turner Scholarship Fund

* Julie and John Uible Fund
* United Way of Licking County Community Fund
* United Way of Licking County Endowment Fund
* Universal Veneer Employee Scholarship Fund
* Utica Going Onward (UGO) Scholarship Fund
* Lula Vaia Memorial Fund
* John and Christine Warner Fund for the Boys & Girls Club of Newark
* Robert N. and Martha Jane Watts Culinary Arts Award Fund
* WCLT Community Fund
* Weathervane Playhouse Endowment Fund
* Alfred Wells Scholarship Fund
* Welsh Hills School Fund
* Welsh Hills School Endowment Fund
* Richard and Nancy Wentzelberger Fund
* B. David Whiteman Newark Kiwanis Scholarship Fund
* Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund
* George F. and Virginia W. Wince Scholarship Fund
* Fred B. Wollins Memorial Fund
* The Woodlands Family Counseling Services Foundation Fund
* The Woodlands Center for New Beginnings Capital Campaign Fund
* Ralph S. Wyeth Scholarship Fund
* YMCA Foundation Fund
* Pauline Chambers Yost Fund
* Young Leader of Licking County Giving Fund
* Young Leaders of Licking County Scholarship Fund

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