Each session is from 9:15 am – 11:45 am in the Assembly Room (lower level) at Park National Bank, 50 N. Third St., Newark, OH, 43055.  Coffee and continental breakfast will be provided

9/13/17 – Session #1:  Understanding Endowment & What Endowment Building Requires of the Organization

  • Objectives for this Session:   
    • Understand the definition and types of endowment funds
    • Learn why it is important and ways to build endowment
    • Explore the role of the board in endowment building
    • Develop the case for endowment at your nonprofit

11/8/17 – Session #2:  Kinds of Gifts and Necessary Policies

  • Objectives for this Session:   
    • Learn basics about current, deferred, and split interest gifts
    • Consider your own planned gift priorities
    • Understand the importance of written policies
    • Develop a plan to review or draft policies for the board’s approval

1/10/18 – Session #3:  Identifying, Cultivating and Soliciting Donors

  • Objectives for this Session:   
    • Identify who is likely to support endowment
    • Understand why donors choose different types of gifts
    • Review and augment resources—database, staff, technology
    • Develop a preparation plan for endowment building
    • Set up an initial endowment program

3/14/18 – Session #4:  Caring for Donors and the People They Trust

  • Objectives for this Session:   
    • Design and implement a legacy society
    • Develop an outreach effort to local professional advisors
    • Set up recognition and stewardship standards
    • Encourage donors to become advocates and ambassadors

5/9/18 – Session #5:  Marketing the Endowment and Planned Gifts

  • Objectives for this Session:   
    • Understand the core building blocks of an endowment marketing program
    • Define your primary markets for the endowment and their characteristics
    • Understand compelling themes and messages for various markets
    • Develop tactics and tools to reach specific markets

7/11/18 – Session #6:  Measuring Success and Building On It

  • Objectives for this Session:   
    • Define both long- and short-term success for the endowment
    • Measure the cost and benefit of the endowment building program
    • Learn how to develop spreadsheets to measure results and project future gifts
    • Develop collaborations with other organizational departments