We hope you will take advantage of this learning opportunity to secure your organization’s financial future and give your donors confidence that their gifts will make a difference far into the future. 

What are the top ten reasons your organization should invest in legacy learning?

10 - Network with Colleagues
9 - Increase Stakeholder Confidence
8 - Gain Professional Development
7 - Engage & Involve Your Board
6 - Learn About Planned Gifts
5 - Get Comfortable Talking about Money
4 - Understand How Endowments Work
3 - Build a Significant Endowment
2 - Serve Your Constituents and the Community
1 - Assure Your Organization’s Sustainability

What is the Licking County Endowment Building Institute (LCEBI)?   

The 2017-2018 LCEBI is designed for Licking County nonprofit organizations eager to learn about and practice endowment-building strategies. Starting this fall, the LCEBI will offer six workshops—in September, November, January, March, May, and July—each developed around specific topics and tactics.  Each organization will gain skills needed to cultivate, market, and steward endowment gifts and will learn from the experiences of other local participants.

What is the purpose and scope of the LCEBI?

The Licking County Endowment Institute will provide professional development, peer networking, and successful endowment building preparation for area nonprofits. The workshops will prepare participants to articulate the benefit of endowment assets on the following:

  • Financial sustainability of the organization;
  • Ability of the organization to serve the Licking County community;
  • Funding for innovations and research to increase the organization’s impact; and
  • Likelihood of success in accomplishing the organization’s mission.

Who should participate and what is the commitment?

Each participating organization will be asked to commit to all six sessions and build a team of three or more people.  For example, 2 board members + 2 staff members + 1 professional advisor = an ideal team!  Your organizational team can be composed of:

  • Development director or planned giving director;
  • Board member (the board chair or the chair of the development or planned giving committee are suggested);
  • CEO or senior executive and/or additional board members or leadership endowment donors; and
  • Professional advisor.

What is a professional advisor and why are they important?

They’re attorneys, accountants, wealth managers, financial planners, insurance agents and trust officers who help their clients achieve their philanthropic goals as effectively as possible.

What if I want to participate in the LCEBI, but can’t field a team of 3 to 5 members?

The best value is to engage in the LCEBI is forming a full team of 5.  Think about inviting another organization to join your team.  Please give us a call to discuss special circumstances and accommodations.

Who are the experts helping facilitate this legacy learning?

The Licking County Endowment Building Institute will be facilitated by Benefactor Group, a consulting firm which serves nonprofit organizations, donors and civic leaders.  Benefactor Group has won a reputation for innovative services that support fundraising, capital campaigns, strategic planning, nonprofit technology, leadership development, and executive transition. They are based in Columbus and serve clients locally, nationally, and internationally. 

What will my team learn?

The workshops are informal and participatory and will include strategies and tactics, discussion, hands-on practice, experiences, and best practices.  Each participant will receive a curriculum notebook.  Each team will receive a copy of Nonprofit Essentials: Endowment Building as a reference source.  Each team is expected to complete assignments between workshops. This structure assures that each organization: 

  • Has the necessary policies and procedures in place;
  • Engages and involves board members appropriately;
  • Develops the case for endowment support;
  • Understands the variety of gift options available to donors;
  • Identifies and screens prospective donors;
  • Designs endowment marketing strategies;
  • Develops cultivation, solicitation, and donor stewardship plans;
  • Tracks gifts and measure results; and
  • Adjusts plans to build on the most effective strategies and tactics.

How does my team register?

The class of 2017-2018 is limited to 60 participants or approximately 12 teams.  Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis: 

  • Beginning:  7/7/17
  • Deadline:  8/18/17

How much will it cost? 

There will be a one-time fee of $1,500 per team, and your payments may be made in 3 installments.  Your final payment must be received by the final session on 7/11/18.

What if my organization can’t afford the registration fee or it’s not in our budget?

We want to make sure that everyone who wants to attend, can attend.  Engage your board leadership in the decision to make this investment in your organization’s future.  Please give us a call to discuss special circumstances and accommodations.

How do we pay?

You may mail your team’s fee payment to the Licking County Foundation, PO Box 4212, Newark, OH  43058-4212. 

Who do I call with questions? 

For more information or questions, please contact Megan Evans, megan@thelcfoundation.org or 740-349-3863, x101. 

Who is helping to support the LCBEI?

These workshops are made possible by Park National Bank and the Strategic Investment Fund of the Licking County Foundation.


Thank you for helping us improve the lives of people in our own backyard!