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Licking County COVID-19 Relief Fund distributes first grants to front-line organizations meeting basic needs

Eight local organizations will be the first to receive funds from the Licking County COVID-19 Relief Fund, a joint effort of the Licking County Foundation, United Way of Licking County, and several community partners.

The eight grants totaling $63,000 were awarded to help cover costs of providing immediate, basic human needs to Licking County residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic:

Crossroads Crusaders: $3,000 to provide emergency food/water, personal hygiene supplies or other supplies for sheltering-in-place to individuals who are unsheltered or homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic.

John's Helping Hands 1973: $3,000 to provide emergency food or shelter for families during the COVID-19 pandemic, or shelter to allow distancing of individuals as a result of COVID-19 symptoms.

Licking County Champions Network: $3,000 to provide emergency food/water, personal hygiene supplies or clothing to individuals who are unsheltered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Licking County Job & Family Services: $10,000 from the Licking County COVID-19 Relief Fund and $10,000 in partnership with the Lindorf-Warner Memorial Fund of the Licking County Foundation to respond to the economic impact on Licking County residents (including individuals, couples without minor children, or families with adult children who had to return home) as a result of employment changes due to COVID-19.  Priority will be given to expenses related to preparing for or involvement in self-quarantine and social distancing.  Other services include assistance with rent, housing, deposits, utilities, mortgage, car payments, and car insurance.  Those who meet household composition and income standards (currently at or below 200% of the federal poverty guideline) may be eligible for support. 

Look-Up Center: $3,000 to provide emergency food/water, personal hygiene supplies or cleaning supplies to residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly to those without transportation.

Newark Homeless Outreach: $3,000 to provide emergency food/water and personal hygiene supplies to individuals who are unsheltered, homeless or in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

St. Vincent de Paul Center, Inc.: $3,000 to support the increased need for supplies necessary to safely shelter-in-place the residents of St. Vincent Haven.

The Salvation Army: $25,000 to feed families and adults in need as a result of the pandemic, and for general operating support due to dramatically increased demand for the Army’s services during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A committee of Licking County Foundation and United Way of Licking County representatives oversee the distribution process, which will continue on a rolling basis while funds are available.

“The purpose of this fund is to move resources to local organizations and programs that are directly supporting local residents and families who are most affected by emerging health and economic impacts of COVID-19,” says Licking County Foundation Director Connie Hawk.

“Although we can’t make grants to individuals, we can help the helpers that are on the front lines during this crisis,” added Deb Dingus, Executive Director of United Way of Licking County. “Moving these funds quickly will allow those organizations to do what they do best – helping our residents.”

Licking County residents who need immediate assistance are asked to call 2-1-1 for referral to help in their area.

Licking County Foundation and United Way of Licking County are still raising funds for this initiative. To support the fund, text “VIRUS19” to 414-44, or visit and click “donate.”

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