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The Governing Committee of the Licking County Foundation recently approved $13,000 in Tibbie Leslie Travel Grants for travel to Austria, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, the Netherlands and Wales by seven area educators. These grants were awarded to teachers who plan foreign travel to broaden their experience and knowledge in their particular field of interest. They were also selected for their commitment to bringing the world back to their classrooms in the true spirit of the award’s donor, Tibbie Leslie—a Newark native who traveled the world throughout her 30-year teaching career. This year’s grant recipients are:

Melinda Buchholz

School District:  Newark City Schools

School: Newark High School

Courses Being Taught:  Art Foundations Grades 9-12,  Beginning Painting Grades 9-12, Advanced Painting Grades 10-12, Art Seminar Grades 10-12, and Photography Grades 10-12

Primary Travel Destination: London, England

Classroom Benefit: Mrs. Buchholz will gain first-hand experience of interacting with the art, food, history and the people of another city outside of the United States, as a means to motivate students to plan their own adventures and expand their worldview.  Upon her return, Mrs. Buchholz’s photography class will develop and print her photos shot in 35mm black and white film to create a body of work based on her adventure in England.


Janessa Castle

School District:  Lakewood Local School District

School: Lakewood High School

Courses Being Taught:  English Grades 9 & 10, Pre-AP English Grades 9 & 10, Yearbook

Primary Travel Destination: Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands

Classroom Benefit: Visiting historically significant Holocaust locations and sites will help further invigorate Ms. Castle’s passion for the subject, which will be passed to her students.  Capturing video footage and photos and creating a travel journel will provide students with first-hand resources to help them associate more deeply with the material as they work to make connections between this complex event and their lives.


Emily Cline

School District:  Newark City Schools

School: McGuffey Elementary School and Cherry Valley Elementary School

Courses Being Taught:  Art Grades 1-5

Primary Travel Destination: Mexico

Classroom Benefit: Visits to a variety of cultural locations and museums will support authentic understanding of multicultural art-making traditions, as Ms. Cline strives to implement engaging, interdisciplinary, and multicultural lessons, while fostering original thought, critical thinking skills, and imagination.  She anticipates discovery and inspiration on this trip that will help develop new projects and areas of inquiry for various age levels of students.


Dana Decker

School District:  Granville Exempted Village School District

School: Granville High School

Courses Being Taught:  English Grade 11, Modern World Studies

Primary Travel Destination: Paris, Venice, and Vienna

Classroom Benefit: Experiences during this trip will fill in an area of Ms. Decker’s body of historical knowledge, with highlights to include visiting the homeland of Hitler and Mozart, spending time in a former Axis power country of World War II, and a return trip to Paris.  Ms. Decker intends to utilize her first-hand travel experiences to enrich her teaching of the French Revolution, Napoleon III’s reconstruction of Paris, post-World War II, the Italian Renaissance, and other important aspects of European history.


Jennifer Kinsley

School District:  C-TEC

School: C-TEC

Courses Being Taught: Visual Arts Foundations Grades 9-12, Digital Imaging and Design, Photography, Typography, Visual Communications, and Portfolio Development (Grades 11-12)

Primary Travel Destination: Wales

Classroom Benefit:  During her time in Wales, Ms. Kinsley intends to conduct researsh at Aberystwyth University reviewing the most complete archives of Welsh lineage, to accomplish the final step of locating the origins of her Welsh ancestors.  Additionally, Ms. Kinsley plans to observe and record Welsh cultural arts, including music and folk objects, and discover and travel to the town of her ancestors' origin.  This travel experience will lead to the development of a unit of instruction on photo-documentary processes for her students to widen their knowledge of their own cultural roots.


Jace Maybury

School District:  Lakewood Local School District

School: Lakewood High School

Courses Being Taught:  Pre-AP World History Grade 9, American History Grade 10,  Street Law

Primary Travel Destination: England, France and Italy

Classroom Benefit: This trip, with notable points of interest to include, Windsor Castle, La Conciergerie, Palace of Versailles, and many others, will give Mr. Maybury a new outlook on the materials he teaches.  With increased passion for the content, Mr. Maybury can share first-hand knowledge and his love of history with his students through personal experiences.  He will keep an extensive travel journal and collect many primary and secondary sources along the way to provide additional enrichments to the classroom.


Alexandra Schneider

School District:  Newark City School

School: Newark High School

Courses Being Taught:  Biology Grade 10, Anatomy & Physiology Grades 11 & 12

Primary Travel Destination: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Classroom Benefit:  This trip provides Mrs. Schneider with first-hand experience of the biome found in the Pacific Northwest.  Exploring the biodiversity of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and observing how these plants and animals interact will allow for a better understanding of the ideas of ecology to bring back to her students.

Janessa Castle is all smiles after receiving her Tibbie Leslie Travel Grant

Jace Maybury poses with his Lakewood colleagues and the LCF staff

Jace Maybury celebrates his award

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