Project Funds

PROJECT FUNDS – Created to hold contributions raised for a specific purpose until disbursements are made to cover the cots of the project.

* Courthouse Square Fountain Fund – Installation of a new fountain on Courthouse Square in downtown Newark
* Everett Skateboard Park Renovation Fund – Renovation of the skateboard park in Newark
* Newark City Schools 8th Grade Washinton DC Trip Fund - Offset the cost of the annual trip for students who have financial need
* Parker Park Capital Improvements Fund – Capital improvements to facilitites or grounds in Parker Community Park in the Village of Alexandria
* Sullivan Building Preservation Fund – Restoration of an architectural treasure in downtown Newark
* Weathervane Playhouse Matthew Trombetta Theater Arts Building Fund – Construction of the Matthew Trombetta Theater Arts Building
* YES Cluhouse Expansion Fund – Construction of an addition which doubles the size of the current building